How to Settle with Workers Comp for a Back Injury

According to statistics released by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) back injuries account for about 24% of all occupational injuries and illnesses preventing individuals from reporting for work. Back injuries are a serious matter. The result may be short or long-term. If it happens, it is essential the individual compile enough data to formulate a precise back injury Workers Comp settlement amount.

Types of Settlements

Workman’s compensation is a state matter. Each state differs in their calculation of such things as

  • Paid weeks of disability
  • Amount due for percentage of body injured
  • Designation of percentage of body

States also vary in specific types of payments under Worker’s Compensation. In Iowa, there are 46 different types of settlement possibilities to consider including Agreement For Settlement and Lump Sum. The most basic types available, however, are

  • Stipulated Funding and Award – a voluntary agreement between the 2 parties based on such things as age, occupation, percentage of disability
  • Compromise and release which eliminates such things as future medical care payments and payments made over time

What Is Required

In order to settle on an agreement with Workers Comp, you must follow the regulations governing reporting and filing associated with a workplace accident claim in your state. This includes:

  • Notifying the supervisor or other stipulated party ASAP after the back injury occurs
  • Preparing independent medical corroboration and evaluation

It is essential to prepare and submit this material in accordance with the exact details and within the timeframe stated. Failure to do so will result in the denial of your claim.

You also need to personally prepare an evaluation of your needs and costs, present and future. You should try to gear this in accordance with the formula of body injury percentage used by Worker’s Comp. It is state specific. It considers each injury in terms of body percentage affected. A back injury Workers Comp settlement amount rates a certain base percentage. This increases or decreases in accordance with the amount of body the injury affects. The extent of the injury also affects the monetary amount an individual will receive as well as the length of time the person can receive Workers Compensation.

Will A Lawyer Help?

A lawyer skilled in accident law and Workers’ Comp will prove invaluable. He or she is aware of the protocol and procedure necessary for you to follow to be successful. A qualified attorney also is aware of the state qualifications and specific requirements  for filing for a just back injury Workers Comp settlement amount.

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