Elderly Slip and Fall Accidents and Injury Claims

Here are some alarming statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding slip and fall accidents involving the elderly in the United States:

  • Every 17 seconds, an older adult (65 years and older) will be treated for fall accident injuries
  • Every 30 minutes 1 older adult will die from injuries sustained in a slip and fall
  • In 2005, the cost of fatal fall injuries totaled $23.6 billion and this includes lifetime medical costs such as treatment and rehabilitation after a slip and fall accident

Slip and Fall Injuries to Elderly

Every year, as much as 1 out of 3 older elderly persons experience a slip and fall accident which can result to moderate or severe injuries. As older adults have frailer bodies, it would be east or them to suffer serious injuries such as hip fractures or head traumas that can often lead to their death. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury death for people aged 65-years and older.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, whether at their own residences or even in a nursing facility. So it is up to the children of the older adults, as well as the management and owner of certain premises, to ensure that any dangerous condition on the property is removed or fixed.

Premises Liability and Personal Injury Claims

Under the Tort law, slip and fall accidents, especially if it occurred due to the negligence of the property owner, can give rise to a premises liability claim or personal injury lawsuit. Fall accidents in nursing homes or healthcare facilities are common so here are some circumstances which may be a valid ground for a slip and fall injury lawsuit because these are considered as "dangerous conditions":

  • Torn or worn out carpeting
  • Poor lighting
  • Narrow stairs
  • Missing handrails or guard rails
  • Broken or cracked floorings
  • Wet floors because of spilled drinks
  • Icy or wet grounds because of snow or rain

If you have an elderly loved one who was injured in a slip and fall accident in another person’s properties, you should talk to a personal injury attorney to find out your rights and legal remedies for the fall injury.

Proving Personal Injury Liability

Your slip and fall attorney would have the responsibility to establish and win your case by proving the following:

  • The owner of the property created the dangerous condition
  • The owner knew that the condition existed and negligently failed to correct it
  • Or that the condition existed for such a length of time that the owner should have discovered and corrected it prior to the slip and fall incident

By proving the above-mentioned, you and your elderly loved one can recover damages and monetary compensation for the injuries and losses incurred as a result of the slip and fall accident.

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