When a Stair Accident Becomes a Personal Injury Case

You can be a victim of a stair accident when you fall, slip or trip on the stairs or something resting on the stairs. Every year, thousands of stair accidents take place. People become victimized either due to their own negligence or due to faulty and slippery stair conditions. Whenever an accident occurs due to unsafe conditions of the stairs, the property owner becomes liable for the injuries of the victimized person.

Personal Injury Claim

Stair accidents can be caused by various reasons. If you went down the stairs too fast or you did not set your foot properly on the stairs and this is the causation of the accident, then you cannot make an injury claim. However, if the stair accident was caused by one or more of the following reasons, then you are eligible to file a personal injury claim.

  • Slippery, greasy or dangerous condition of the stairs is due to the actions of the owner or an employee of the owner.
  • The owner or his employee did nothing to caution the public in spite of being aware of the dangerous conditions of the stairs.
  • The owner or his employee was not aware of the dangerous conditions due to lack of supervision and did nothing to repair or remove any impeding items or objects.

Some Hidden and Common Stair Dangers

There can be many hidden dangers on stairs. Some examples are a worn carpet or eroding wood. Similarly, highly polished wood or tiles are slippery and can lead to a terrible accident.

Outdoor stairs should be maintained properly to avoid excessive buildup of ice or water during extreme weather or common winter conditions, depending on the location. In such cases, the owner can be held responsible for accidents caused on the stairs without anti-slip surface pads. The absence of handrails on stairs may be the reason for your slip and fall as well. Defective and uneven height and depth of the stairs may also be considered a reason for your fall. Violations of the building code regarding the stairs can also be taken as a reason for your fall and can add crucial validity to your claim.

Obtaining Legal Assistance

Since stair accidents can become tricky and complex while you are recovering from your injuries or seeking medical assistance, filing a lawsuit is not something you should attempt on your own. You may not have the time and most likely the expertise to even know where to begin this legal process. Notify and speak in person to a personal injury attorney to rectify this situation in the correct manner.

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