Slip and Fall Accidents in Supermarkets

Just like any establishments, supermarkets should observe the duty of care to its customers to ensure their safety. This duty is owed to them the moment they enter the premises. Hence, if a shopper slips on the floor, trips over an obstacle or gets hit by a falling item, he or she may be entitled to a supermarket accident compensation claim depending upon the circumstances.

Steps to Take After a Grocery Store Accident

In case of supermarket accident, there are certain things the victim must do to increase his chances of winning. They are as follows:

  1. Report the accident to the store manager or to the customer service desk. The supermarket staff should ask the victim to fill out an accident report form. If no form is furnished, the victim should make sure that the incident is recorded in the supermarket’s accident book. This will be used as proof that the accident really happened.
  2. If there are witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and contact details.
  3. If possible, take a picture of the cause the accident. A floor spillage, unattended pallet on the aisle or a fallen sign from the supermarket ceiling can be best documented by taking pictures of it. Moreover, having them will increase the probability of winning your claim.

Instances of Supermarket Negligence

Supermarkets will only be open to suits if the accident is due to their negligence. The following are instances which show negligence of the store:

  1. Slipping Incidents: In case of spillage, the supermarket has the responsibility to make sure that warning signs are put up. They should also clear up the mess immediately to prevent accident. Putting up signs and clearing spillages are part of the supermarket's responsibility to ensure customer’s safety. Such that if signs are missing or spillages are left on the floor, the supermarket is vulnerable to lawsuit.
  2. Tripping Accidents: If a customer tripped over boxes, pallets or other obstacles left on the floor, the supermarket maybe held responsible for any injuries caused by the trip depending on the attending circumstances.
  3. Falling Displays or Signs: If a shopper has been hit by a display or a hanging sign, he has the right to file a case against the supermarket.
  4. Food Poisoning: If the food purchased from the supermarket is expired or has poisoned the shopper, he can make a claim against the supermarket.

As all compensation claims are judged on their merits, a personal injury case may be well-taken care of by an accident compensation claims lawyer. It is best to talk to a legal professional to help you with your case.

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