Industrial Accident Claim: Suing for Negligence

If you have been injured in an industrial accident, you can file an industrial accident claim against the company and its management. You need not be employed with the company to file an industrial accident claim.

Catastrophic Injuries

An industrial accident often results in catastrophic injuries including severe burns, spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, brain injuries and accidental amputations. Catastrophic injuries can be devastating and are often permanent in nature and life changing. You may face a life of with injuries that cannot be treated by even the most advanced medical treatments. Many victims do not adequately recover from their injuries.

Employee Injuries

Generally majority of industrial accident victims are employees working on the site of the accident. In such cases, the employer can be sued for negligence. The employer is under an obligation to provide a work environment that is safe and protected from the occurrence of accidents. The employer must adhere to Governmental and State rules regarding safety and incorporate ergonomics and proper posture techniques. Employees must be provided with adequate training. If the employer does not do any of these, then it will amount to negligence and the employer can be sued in case of any accident.

Third Party Injuries

You can suffer injuries from an industrial accident even if you are not an employee working at the site of the accident. You may just happen to be at the site of the accident when the accident occurred. In such cases the company and its management can be sued for negligence if negligence is the cause of the accident.

Getting Legal Help

Victims of industrial accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain, suffering, life long medical expenses, disability, loss of employment, loss of body parts, etc. Consult with an experienced accidents attorney if you are a victim of an industrial accident. Don’t loose out on the compensation you rightly deserve.  

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