Century 21 Claims and Settlement Disputes: Filing a Lawsuit

Most everyone in the in the United States owns at least one motor vehicle and, if you are planning to operate that vehicle, you must have auto insurance coverage on it.  This coverage is required so that any damages caused by an auto accident will be paid for by the insurance company.  Century 21 is one of those companies available that offers auto insurance coverage for vehicle owners to purchase.  Most of the time, people are satisfied with their auto insurance company until they get in an accident.  The first step in recovering on damages is to report the accident.  Once Century 21 receives the claim, they will send out an appraiser to look over your vehicle and give an estimate on how much it will cost for the repairs.  Century 21 should cover the full amount that the repairs will cost (minus your deductive amount), but that does not always happen.

Common Dispute Situations

One of the times when a claim to the Century 21 insurance company is likely to turn into a dispute is when they take more than enough time to process the claim and you are left waiting for weeks to have your car repairs completed.  Another complication that could lead to a dispute would be if the settlement amount offered for the repairs is insufficient for the work that needs to be done to fix the car or if the claim is wrongfully denied.  There sorts of problems with the Century 21 can happen whether you were the at-fault driver or not.

Litigations and Battling a Dispute

If it becomes evident that Century 21 is not handling your claim correctly, for whatever reason, further action may be necessary to get the settlement amount you are due.  Mediation is usually the best route to take first, because it is much lease costly than arbitration and the dispute can often be settled without the use of an attorney for representation.  In the event that Century 21 does not hold to the mediation agreement to pay for the needed repairs, then arbitration may be your best option.  At this point, it is important to consider whether the amount in dispute is more than the amount that it will cost to go through the arbitration process.  If you decide to take the dispute to arbitration, the ruling there will be the final say on the matter.

When to Talk to an Accident Attorney

Disputes with an insurance company can be very confusing and an attorney, who has experience deal with auto accidents and the insurance claims that follow, can offer valuable advice.  The attorney will be able to help you sort through the decision of whether or not to file a lawsuit and represent you there before the courts.  It is vital to your case that you have good, legal counsel and someone with extensive knowledge about how insurance disputes should be handled. Make sure you pick an attorney with a sound track record, because he/she will be presenting your case and helping you recover from the damages.

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