Legal Liability Issues in Accidents on Public Transportation

Public transportation accidents are completely unexpected, but when they do happen, they can change your life. When you get on a bus, subway or train, the last thing you expect is to come crashing to a stop. Because public transportation lacks any sort of restraint system, the injuries you incur in public transportation accidents may be more severe than a comparable car accident.

Beyond that, though, the public transportation systems and drivers have a reasonable duty of care to keep you safe. Public transportation accidents that happen because of negligence, poorly-maintained equipment or other preventable issues may leave you with a personal injury case against one or more parties.

Who is Liable in Public Transportation Accidents?

Determining who is liable in public transportation accidents can be very tricky. If an accident happens as a result of driver or operator negligence, the operator or driver is likely liable for the accident. However, as an employee of a public transportation agency, a driver or operator may expose the public transportation agency to liability. If an accident happens as a result of a poorly-maintained public transit vehicle, the public transportation agency may be liable, but there may also be a third-party in play. Whomever is responsible for maintaining or designing the public transportation system may be at fault.

Untangling liability in public transportation accidents is a tricky web to unravel, and is best done with an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you.

Special Laws Governing Public Transportation

Many forms of public transportation fall under special laws, and may require special knowledge or expertise to litigate. Questions of jurisdiction may apply in interstate public transportation cases. When airlines are involved, you’re dealing with a whole new set of regulations. Even interstate buses may have their own rules, laws and regulations to consider. Pursuing litigation for public transportation accidents requires someone who is familiar with all of the elements in play, and who can correctly identify the liable party and build a case for you.

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