Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Trucking Accident Rollover

A rollover accident can occur for various reasons. In some situations, these large, commercial trucks can do more damage than other types of accidents. If an individual is injured or dies as a result of such an accident, it becomes important to establish who is responsible for the accident. That person or company's insurance company may need to pay compensation to the family of the individual who was injured or died.

Potential Reasons for Rollover Accidents

In order to establish grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be necessary to consider the potential reasons why the trucking accident rollover occurred. Some of those reasons include:

  • The driver was negligent in following traffic laws, ensuring the truck was in good condition and following other federal guidelines.
  • There is evidence of trucking law violations, either under state or federal law that led to the accident.
  • The trucking company was negligent in the maintenance of the vehicle or in the way it handled the employee. If the driver was hired as an unqualified driver, this may also pose a reason for the accident.
  • Defects in the truck may be to blame if the designer or the manufacturer of the vehicle made mistakes that led to the rollover.
  • The maintenance team working on the truck did not perform properly and this lead to a filing within the system that the driver may or may not have been able to notice.

In each of these situations, it is possible that someone was negligent and therefore responsible in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Get Legal Aid

For those who are considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit, an attorney is the best course of action. The attorney can help determine what caused the accident and help to determine who should be responsible for it. Rollover accidents like this are often tough to prove otherwise.



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