Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A fatal motorcycle accident can give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit. The family members of the victim of the fatal motorcycle accident can claim compensation for wrongful death from the person or party whose negligence caused the accident.

Wrongful Death

A death caused by the negligence of a person (other than the deceased) or a party is wrongful death. All states have their own wrongful death laws. Heirs and relatives of the deceased are entitled to compensation for the wrongful death. Although wrongful death laws vary from state to state, they generally follow a certain basic principle - the death must be caused by the negligent conduct of the defendant. The negligent conduct need not be the sole cause of the death. Even if it contributed in a small way to the death, it will give rise to a wrongful death claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal. When a motorcycle meets with an accident, the motorcycle rider stands a greater chance of being injured and even killed unlike a person in a car. A motorcycle rider does not have any protection except his helmet. However people tend to believe that the motorcycle rider is always at fault. You will have to prove that the other person or party was negligent and that resulted in the wrongful death. For this you may need the assistance of accident reconstruction attorneys.


If a motorcycle accident results in wrongful death, the family members of the deceased victim can seek compensation for pecuniary or financial injury, lost prospect of inheritance, medical expenses, loss of support and funeral expenses. Family members of the victim are entitled to fair and just compensation for the pecuniary injuries.

Getting Legal Help

If you have lost a near and dear one in a fatal motorcycle accident, consult with an experienced motorcycle accidents attorney. The attorney can review your case and advise you on whether or not you have a wrongful death claim.

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