What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?

It seems like every week that we hear some news story about someone sustaining minor injuries in an accident and then making off with enough settlement money to retire early. Unfortunately, these abuses of the system make it difficult sometimes for legitimate settlement claims to be heard. Often, people seeking settlements for personal injuries are subject to false ideas about their trying to get rich quick, when in fact, the average settlement for car accidents is really quite low overall. (See also the Role of Money in Car Accident Injury Law).

The Numbers Paint a Grim Picture

How low is low? Well, the reality is that the vast majority of people who file car accident claims in the United States don’t receive anywhere near the millions of dollars that frequently make the headlines. Those cases are newsworthy precisely because they represent the exception. Generally speaking, studies show that the median settlement in personal injury trials involving criminal charges was 28,000 dollars. That amount dropped down to 15,000 dollars for settlements awarded in civil cases. While that might not sound like a small amount of money, the reality is that medical bills and pain and suffering resulting from a car accident often far exceed those figures. Find out more info on truck settlements and motorcycles settlements.

There’s Really No True Average After All

One can take heart, however, in the truth that looking at averages tells you nothing about what your own settlement might look like. Each case is different and each settlement offer will take into account the unique aspects of the situation at hand. In general, settlement offers tend to be higher for injuries that are permanently debilitating, which involve the severing of some limb, or the loss of some type of bodily function or utility. The highest settlement offers are usually associated with cases where the injured party can reasonably expect to never be able to work again.

An Attorney Can Get You the Settlement You Deserve

All things considered, if your goal is to maximize the settlement that you’re offered, you should hire an attorney. Insurance companies routinely lowballs individuals without legal representation just because the presence of an attorney makes a costly lawsuit that much more likely. With an attorney in your corner, insurance companies on the whole are more willing to play ball. Attorneys can also navigate the labyrinth passages of the law in ways that the average person injured in an accident never can. That means they’ll know all the ins and outs necessary to ensure that your settlement offer is as high as it can possibly be.

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