Trucking Accident Due to Unsafe Towing

A trucking accident can cause serious damage and severe injuries. When a trucking accident occurs due to unsafe towing, the tow truck company, tow truck driver and manufacturer of the tow truck may be liable for negligence. An attorney who handles injury accident cases can help you assess who may be liable for damages that resulted from your accident. You may be entitled to compensation of which you are unaware.

Tow Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks such as tow trucks get into accidents and cause accidents much like other drivers. When a tow truck is involved in an accident, it may result from a number of circumstances, including driver fatigue, inadequate truck maintenance, unsafe driving, improperly secured load and other causes.

In the case of an improperly secured load, there is a high likelihood of negligence on the part of the truck driver. As part of a truck driver's job, he must maintain his truck properly and check all safety equipment carefully. Failure to securely load a vehicle onto a truck can lead to serious damages and a lawsuit.

Because trucks have blind spots, it is important that drivers take special precautions when turning and changing lanes, failure to do so can lead to an accident.

After an accident, it is important to preserve evidence that will be helpful when you seek compensation from a party to the accident. An attorney can advise you of particular evidence in your accident case that will be pertinent. Evidence can include witness testimony and affidavits, medical bills and receipts, medical evaluations (including projected future medical needs), documentation of lost wages, accident reports, statements of the parties to the accident, photographs of the accident scene or damage to the property or vehicles involved in the accident, statements of admissions and other documents and statements. Preserving evidence is important because it will help prove that compensation is justified in your case.

Getting Legal Advice

Legal advice about your accident can help you make informed decisions about your case. Getting the compensation you need to recover from injuries and repair damages to your property is important and an attorney who is experienced at handling car accident cases can assist you. Getting legal help when you are involved in an accident can help you reduce stress related to the accident and pave the way for an easier future.

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