The Warning Signs of a Truck Wreck

Even though you can call a truck accident lawyer to help you file a claim if you’re injured in a semi accident, you still want to avoid these cases as much as possible. There are few situations as potentially deadly as being involved in a big rig accident. If the wreck occurs on a chaotic freeway, there is a good chance it will cause a pile up, which can be even more lethal. To avoid this, you’ll need to look for the indicators that something dangerous is about to take place.

Lane Changes, Exits and Entrances

Exit and entrance ramps are especially unsafe for truck drivers. Even though their mirrors make it possible for them to see alongside their vehicles, there are some drivers who will foolishly crowd semis and try to bully them at ramps. Be sure to stay away from these situations. If you see a big rig with a turn signal on and somebody blocking the lane they want to merge into, stay away from both vehicles and be ready to swerve to prevent a possible crash.

Fatigued Truck Drivers

Sometimes, a big rig crash occurs because the driver is tired and is still on the road when they really should be at rest. To make certain that you’re not in a situation where you’re going to be hit by such a driver, be aware of the warning signs of a drowsy driver. They’re very comparable to the signs of inebriated drivers. The driver may swerve erratically, drift across lanes and fail to signal ahead of turning. For a professional big rig driver, this should never occur. They have very good training and most of them are experienced enough that they would not be traveling in this fashion if they were well-rested and prepared to be on the freeway.

Truck Driver and Trucking Company Liability for Injuries

If you’re in a truck accident, there is probably going to be considerable injury. In many cases, individuals will lose loved ones in these wrecks merely because of the huge mass and energy of these vehicles and the way they can virtually demolish a passenger car. Be sure you are on the lookout for likely problems. If you are injured and it is because of no fault of your own contact an attorney. Trucking companies are accountable for the truckers they send out on the road and poor drivers are responsible for the collisions they cause. Make sure you’re not victimized by either by getting a lawyer.

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