How Do Insurance Companies Compensate Car Accident Victims?

There are millions of car accidents every year. Unfortunately, often these accidents are caused by another driver who is negligent. Fortunately in most states there are laws requiring an individual to carry liability insurance for car accident victims. Included herein is further information on how insurance companies compensate car accident victims.

Car Accident Victims 

One thing to remember is different states have different laws regarding who is a victim and who can be compensated for a car accident. The first thing to figure out is if you qualify as a victim in your state. The insurance company will determine liability, as in who they have found at fault for the accident, this will either be 100% one driver's fault, or there could be negligence on both sides. If the insurance company finds you negligent in some way, again, check your state laws, you still may be able to collect if you are partially at fault.

If you are found to be a car accident victim the insurance company will compensate you in several ways. First they may owe damages on your vehicle, to put it back to the position it was prior to the loss. Next, if you are injured, they will owe for medical bills, and third, you may have a bodily injury claim with the at fault driver's insurance company.


As previously stated, if you are found to be a car accident victim, the insurance company will pay to have your car repaired, they owe to put you back in the position you were in, no better. An insurance company will place you in a rental vehicle while yours is being repaired. This is only for the number of days it takes to repair the vehicle, which usually has to be taken in on a Monday to avoid weekend charges.

The insurance adjuster will also pay for your medical bills. This is only for treatment that they believe to be causaly related to the auto accident and medically necesasary. You may be challenged on certain treatment and even asked to get a second opinion by an independent doctor.

Next the adjuster will examine how the accident actually affected your life and the inconveniences it may have caused. The adjuster will give you a monetary compensation above and beyond your out of pocket expenses and bills for pain and suffering.

Legal Help

If you are being treated unfairly by the insurance company it is important to seek help from a quaified attorney. An attorney will be able to asist with the insurance company and make sure you are compensated.

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