How to Avoid Texas Truck Accidents

By Hugh Howerton

A commercial truck is vehicle used for the transportation of products for business or commercial purposes.  Delivery trucks, semi-tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers are examples of commercial trucking vehicles.  A truck collision is when a truck collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or other geographical obstacles.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 5,000 people are killed every year from truck and truck vs. car accidents. 

Preventative Steps

These statistics make it very important for drivers to understand all the different ways they can help themselves avoid such accidents.  Here are a few different ways you can avoid crashing a truck or crashing into a truck.

Stay out of the trucks blind spots.

When sharing the road with a large truck make sure to either quickly pass it or follow behind it at a safe distance.  When passing the truck make sure to pass it on the left where the trucks blind spot is smaller.

Exercise extreme caution in bad weather and at night.

Make sure your taillights and headlights are functioning correctly.

Leave extra distance in front of you when tailing a large truck or trailer.

This will help ensure that you are driving out of the truck’s blind spots.

Pay close attention to other drivers fatigue levels.

Since truck drivers work such late hours you should always assume that every truck driver you encounter on the road is fatigued.   Assuming this will better prepare you for types of driving behavior that can lead to truck accidents. Trucking company's often push their driver to keep going when fatigued, in which case the company may be liable for the accident injuries.

Watch out for overly aggressive driving behavior.

If you witness dangerous driving by a truck driver do not hesitate to contact authorities to report the driver.

Keep up with routine maintenance on your truck.

A truck in good driving condition is less likely to be in an accident then a truck that is not maintained properly.

Truck accidents can be reduced if truck drivers and companies ensure well maintained trucks, and owners of small vehicles and passenger cars learn the proper techniques of defensive driving in relation to large trucks.  Houston truck accident attorney Hugh Howerton is one of America’s top rated truck accident lawyers.

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