Fatal Truck Backover Accident

While a fatal truck accident involving a backover is not a common occurrence, they are not unheard of. When they do happen, there are steps survivors should consider to protect their rights.

This type of accident involves a fatality that occurs when a truck driver backs up and runs over a pedestrian. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, about 180 people die a year due to this type of accident.

When a fatal truck accident occurs, survivors are very often entitled to compensation under the law. This compensation can result from a lawsuit filed against the driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident, the owner of the vehicle and even the manufacturer.

Documenting Events

When a fatal truck accident occurs involving a backover, the driver of the vehicle will be held responsible in most cases. Law enforcement will typically ticket the driver and may even charge the vehicle operator with reckless or negligent driving if a gross failure to ensure backing clearance resulted in the crash.

Survivors of victims of this type of accident will want to make sure to document the accident as much as they can and collect information that can help them bring a lawsuit against the driver and/or other responsible parties. Documentation to obtain includes:

  • Witness information
  • Driver information
  • Police reports detailing the accident
  • Medical reports for the victim
  • Death report information that details the specific cause of death.

Who is Responsible?

A fatal truck accident may result in a number of liability claims. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, survivors may be able to bring lawsuits against the driver of the truck, the company he or she works for and even the manufacturer of the vehicle involved in the crash.

Getting Legal Advice

When a fatal truck accident occurs, survivors of the victim may be entitled to compensation for their loss. To make sure rights are protected, it is best to contact an experienced accident attorney immediately following the accident. A lawyer will be able to help victims seek compensation and advise them of their rights.


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