Can I Sue the City for Damages in a Motorcycle Accident?

City accident liability law is complex. Under circumstance, you can sue the city for damages in a motorcycle accident. You will require the services of an experienced accidents attorney to help maximize a motorcycle accident settlement.

Determining Liability

Motorcycle accident victims can seek compensation from the person or party whose negligence caused the accident. If the accident was caused due to poor road conditions, improper signage, bad or non-existent street lighting or due to barricading, then you can sue the city or the government agency responsible for maintaining the road. The negligence of the city or its employees need not be sole cause of the accident. Even if it is one of the many factors that caused the accident, you can sue the city.

Notice of Claim

There are special procedures you must follow if you want to sue the city for damages in a motorcycle accident case or any lawsuit. These procedures are regulated by state law and vary from state to state. If you do not follow these procedures, then the courts will dismiss your case against the city. Although the procedures vary from state to state, generally you will be required to give a notice of claim to the city. You must give this notice within 60 days from the date of injury. This time period can be less or more depending on your state laws. This notice will inform the city that you have suffered an injury and gives the city an opportunity to respond to your claims. If the city accepts your claim, then you can negotiate a settlement. If you are not happy with the amount the city pays you or the city denies your claim, you can then file a lawsuit for damages against the city.


You must prove that the negligence on the part of the city caused the accident or in some way contributed to the accident. This may require the assistance of expert witnesses. You must also show that you suffered injury because of the accident. You can claim compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses including future expenses, loss of wages, etc.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, consult with an experienced accidents attorney. The attorney can review your case and determine if you have a claim against the city and advise you on the steps you need to take.

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