Auto Accident Compensation Calculator

Calculating the amount of compensation required for an auto accident usually involves simply adding up the amount of money necessary to repair the damage done to the car(s). However, when any form of injury is involved the calculating compensation becomes much more complicated.

Injuries Entail Medical Compensation and Pain and Suffering

When someone is injured in a car accident as the result of another drivers negligence, the negligent driver is liable to compensate the injured person not only for car damage and medical bills, but also must compensate him/her for the physical and emotional damages done. In cases where the injuries are significant and long-lasting, this pain and suffering compensation can be the largest portion of the overall auto accident compensation.

This calculator is provided for general, informational purposes only and should not be used to make legal decisions regarding a car accident case!
Talk to an Accident Attorney for Legal Advice

Auto Accident Compensation Calculator

Always Talk to an Attorney

Any time injuries are involved in a car accident, it is critical that the injured party(ies) contact an attorney as early as possible. The insurance companies involved will only try to make sure they pay out as little money as possible, and may leave injured victims severely under-compensated.

An attorney is essential to ensure an injured persons best interests are look after.

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