Personal Injury Claim: Head Trauma from Car Accident

If you are the victim of a head trauma due to a car accident, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim for compensation. If your accident was the result of another's negligence, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income or earning potential, property damage and pain and suffering. 

What Does the "Typical" Head Trauma Look Like?

When a person's head violently impacts some hard surface in the interior of the vehicle, or strikes any other non-moving object during a motor vehicle accident, the result is damage to the skull, brain or scalp. This is known as a closed head injury, and may be difficult to diagnose due to the lack of visible external injury that typically indicates brain trauma. Closed head injury from a car accident most commonly results in concussion, which can range from mild to critical, and can result in a temporary loss of consciousness or coma. Bleeding and swelling of the brain can occur from this type of head trauma as a result of the brain being violently jolted back and forth in the skull upon impact. 

Psychological Effects

People who have suffered a serious head trauma may experience major changes in their personality in addition to the physical injuries such as irritability, anxiety, and dis-inhibition. Victims may now lack the typical coping mechanisms and social skills which they once possessed, as a result of their accident, and these personality changes can be very difficult both for the injured party and for his or her family and friends. These psychological effects may also inhibit your ability to return to work in a timely fashion, leaving you without a salary for an even longer amount of time. 

Your Damages

If you have suffered a head trauma as the result of a car accident you are likely watching helplessly as the medical bills pile higher and higher. You have probably not been able to return to work, so are additionally not receiving the salary your family depends on. It may be necessary for you to have physical and occupational therapy as a result of your accident, yet another expense that your insurance may not fully cover. Your vehicle likely needs repair, and you are frustrated and uncertain which way to turn. If you are additionally experiencing psychological effects as a direct result of your head trauma, you are additionally entitled to pain and suffering compensation as a part of your claim. 

Getting Experienced Legal Help

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, and sustained head trauma as a result, you need to contact a skilled attorney who will in turn contact medical specialists and other professionals who will fully investigate your case to make sure the negligent part is held accountable for the damages you have sustained. A personal injury attorney will be able to ensure you understand all your rights under the law, and will be able to remove a small part of stress from your life, leaving you able to concentrate on healing. 

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