Motorcycle Personal Injury Accident Lawsuit

A motorcycle accident can give rise to a personal injury accident claim. However a personal injury accident lawsuit involving a motorcycle accident is very different from other personal injury accident lawsuits.

Determining Liability

In a motorcycle accident lawsuit you must first identify the party who is liable. Generally it will be the party whose negligence resulted in the accident – the other driver. Sometimes it may not be the fault of any other driver but certain other factors may have caused the accident. If a defective part of the motorcycle such as the brakes or wheels malfunctioned and caused the accident, then the motorcycle manufacturer as well as the manufacturer of the defective part will be liable for the injuries. If the road conditions contributed to the accident, then the government agency responsible for the maintenance of the road will be liable.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A motorcycle accident generally results in severe injuries especially head injuries. Sometimes it can cause permanent disability. Besides physical injuries, the victim can suffer from mental trauma. Sometimes a motorcycle accident can be fatal. In a fatal motorcycle accident, the family members of the victim can seek compensation for wrongful death against the person or party who negligence caused the accident.

Proving Your Claim

The sad truth is that most people are biased against motorcyclists. So it is important that you present your case to the court properly. You must prove the other party’s negligence. This may require the assistance of accident reconstruction experts. You must provide medical evidence of your injuries. You must document your expenses. You can claim compensation for your pain and suffering, injuries, lost wages, existing and future medical expenses, etc. You must file your motorcycle accident lawsuit within the statute of limitation prescribed by your state law.

Getting Legal Help

Due to the complex issues involved in a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, you must use the services of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The attorney will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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