Fall Accident Lawsuit for Broken Bones

As little children it was normal for fall on the ground, get back up again and continue playing. However, a fall accident can be quite serious, especially if it results in broken bones. An accident that causes someone to fall can occur quite quickly and usually involves the person stepping on an uneven surface.

If the person is not aware of the uneven surface or if they are elderly, the sudden change can lead to a sprain or fracture in an area of the body. When this fall accident occurs as a result of someone else’s lack of care, then you might be entitled to filing a fall accident lawsuit.

What Causes A Fall Accident?

A fall accident is a type of injury in which someone sustains personal injury by being hurt after falling to the ground. The person could have tripped on a broken stair or torn carpeting, or slip on a wet floor. Another cause of fall accidents is the hole in the floor or snow or ice not properly removed from a building’s front premises. For example, while you are walking in a mall, a spill or wet floor should be quickly dealt with and people cautioned with at least a sign that the floor is wet. In the instances, that this does not happen and you do not see the spill, slip, and break a bone, you will then have a right to file for litigation. 

Why Litigation?

A lawsuit can be filed after a bone is broken in a fall accident because the place where you fell may refuse to compensate you. Another reason for litigation might be for compensation for loss of wages while you are recovering from your injury. Lawsuit compensation can also be used to pay for medical bills.

Seek An Attorney

Before you agree to anything, it is advised to first speak to an attorney about filing a lawsuit for your broken bone injury. Dealing with a fall injury is hard enough without being compensated for it.

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