Construction Equipment Accident: Permanent Injuries

A construction equipment accident can cause serious damage to the individual who is affected. From bulldozers to scaffolding to cranes, there are a multitude of tools at a construction site that are required to make the job go smoothly. While these tools serve a very important function, they can also be dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. From a fall that causes disability to a machine that takes off a limb, there are a lot of ways that a construction equipment accident can lead to permanent disability. If you do suffer permanent injuries as a result of a construction equipment accident, you may wonder exactly what your options are for recovery.

Recovering from a Construction Equipment Accident

If you suffer from a construction equipment accident, then you must understand the state rules for workers compensation.

  • Workers compensation removes work injury cases from the tort system, and is an exclusive remedy system in most cases. This means as an injured worker, you do not have legal standing to sue your employer in court for your construction equipment accident and instead are limited to getting damages through his workers comp insurer
  • Workers compensation is also a strict liability system, which means that your employer does not have to be negligent in causing your injury in order to be liable for it. If you are hurt as a result of your work duties, your employer can be legally responsible and will have to pay workers comp damages.

Damages for workers compensation include damages for medical bills. Usually, 100 percent of medical bills are covered. Payment for lost wages or missed work is also a part of your benefits, but usually won't start until you have missed at least a few days of work. In addition, if you become permanently or temporarily disabled as a result of a work injury such as a construction equipment accident, then workers compensation system will provide you with disability payments. State law generally sets the amount you can be paid, which is equal to a percentage of your salary. The amount can be the full percentage of your salary allowed if you are totally disabled, or can be a portion of your salary based on your level of impairment if you are partially disabled.

Getting Help

If you suffer a construction equipment accident, you should consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you to understand your right to damages after the truck accident injury and can help you file a claim to collect the damages you deserve.

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