Construction Accident Lawsuit: Electrical Injury

An electrical injury can happen anywhere. It is very common at construction sites. If you suffer an electrical injury at a construction site, you can file a construction accident lawsuit against the contractor.

Construction Sites

Accidents and construction sites go hand in hand. The contractor must provide a safe work environment for the construction employees. The employees must be properly trained. They must be provided with protective equipments. The contractor must adhere to the safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Electric Injuries

Electric injuries can happen at construction sites. The main reason for electric injuries at a construction site is the lack of safety measures. Overhead power lines, hot energized circuits and ground plugs can all cause electrical injuries. Some time the construction equipments can come in contact with the power lines resulting in electric injuries to the workers using the equipments. An employee suffering from an electric injury is entitled to compensation under the state workers compensation laws regardless of who was at fault. The injured worker is eligible for replacement income, medical expenses, and sometimes, vocational rehabilitation benefits. If the injury results in a disability, then the worker is entitled to disability benefits.

Defective Equipments

Sometimes the injured worker may be entitled to compensation from other sources besides the employer. Not all electrical injuries are caused by employer negligence. Sometimes the equipment used by the workers can malfunction resulting in the worker suffering from electrical injury. In such cases besides workers compensation benefits, the worker can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective equipment. 

Getting Legal Help     

If you have suffered from an electrical injury at a construction site, you will be eligible for workers compensation benefits. If the compensation offered to you under the workers compensation rules is not adequate, you can sue the employer for compensation. If defective construction equipment caused the electrical injury, then you can sue the manufacturer of that product for compensation. An experienced accidents attorney can assist you identify the various sources of compensation.

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