Should I Sign an Insurance Release of Liability?

One of the first documents that an insurance company will try to get anyone involved in a car crash to sign is a release of liability form. Car accident injuries are covered in the form which basically states to the insurance company that you are releasing the insurance company from any liability with regards to the medical conditions that may occur in the present or future that may be related to the accident itself. In addition the release of liability form, car accident cases in particular, will also release the company from requesting compensation for any further damages to the vehicles arising from the crash. Find out more about liability protection.

Which Company Will Ask?

Either insurance company, yours or the other drivers, may ask for a release of liability form to be signed. This entirely depends on who was at fault for the accident, which insurance company is settling, as well as the type of insurance that you have. In no fault accident states then it will always be your own insurance company unless it is deemed to be a significant and serious accident. Typically these include serious injuries, deaths or significant property damage and possible criminal charges.

When Not to Sign

In most cases the insurance company will offer a settlement amount and also request that the release of liability form be signed. This legally removes your option for any further compensation for injuries or damages that have not yet been identified. A settlement is full and final and your signature on the release document guarantees that for the insurance company. With this in mind, insurance companies are eager to have the accident settlement completed and the release signed as quickly as possible.

If you haven't been to a doctor, have any pain, strange sensations, headaches, physical injuries or bruising or haven't had your vehicle in for a full inspection it is essential to wait to sign the form.

Consultation for Legal Help

Consulting with an attorney is highly recommended before signing the form to prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve.  This is true even if you have been to your doctor or mechanic as the attorney often recommends further tests before signing off on the case. In addition the attorney can evaluate the insurance company's settlement offer and determine if it is fair given the accident, injuries sustained and possible further ongoing medical problems you may experience.

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