Personal Injury Damage Calculator

Damages in a personal injury case (along with breach of duty and other legal elements) are the basis to make a demand for injury compensation. Determining the level and value of damages in a personal injury claim is highly complicated and varies tremendously by case.

In general, the level of damages increase quickly as the severity of the injury involved increases. For accidents involving permanent, life altering injury or death, the damages can easily be in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. For those injuries that are less severe, and will not permanently impact the life of the victim, the damages will usually be limited to medical costs, property damage and lost earnings plus some amount for pain and suffering.

This calculator is provided for general, informational purposes only and should not be used to make legal decisions regarding an injury claim!
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Personal Injury Damage Calculator

Types of Damages: Economic or Special vs. Non-Economic (Generally Pain and Suffering)

There are two fundamental types of damages that are awarded in a personal injury case, economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages account for any loss that is readily measured and directly caused by the negligent or at-fault party. Usually, this is a combination of money for damaged property, medical bills associated with the injury, lost income from missed work, loss of future earnings (when the injury impact the victims ability to work in his/her trade, and estimated costs of future medical bills/medical treatment.

Non-Economic Damages: Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Often times in cases involving serious, life-altering injury or even death, the largest part of an award or settlement amount will come from damages for pain and suffering. This is money paid to compensate the victim of a personal injury and/or their family for the emotional toll, impact on their life, physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by the negligent or liable party.

Always Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

While the math involved in a personal injury case may seem simple, in the real world there are innumerable factors that will make the difference between a very large damage award and a low-ball settlement. Much of this depends on the strength of the case and the willingness of the plaintiff to take the matter all the way to a jury trial. It is absolutely essential that a personal injury lawyer be consulted before any other steps are taken. The first actions of a personal injury claim are often the most important and must be handled by a skilled, experienced attorney.

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