Insurance Company Offered $500 for "Pain and Suffering"?

Let me guess – the adjuster for the other car’s insurance company has said that, before we talk about your medical bills, let’s settle your claim for “pain and suffering” for $500, or some other nominal amount.  This is a sure sign that you may need an attorney.

Pain and Suffering Damages

Damages for “pain and suffering” are one of the most difficult to place a dollar amount on, and one of the key ways that insurance companies try to keep you from receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Measuring Compensation for Pain and Suffering

With medical bills or lost work it is easier to quantify exactly what your damages are.  But who can put a dollar amount on the pain you feel every day, or the rehab you have gone through?  It is important to document however possible the pain and suffering that you are going through as a result of your injuries.  This can include videotaping rehabilitation exercise or keeping a journal to document your experiences.  Your attorney can use this evidence to convey to the insurance company exactly what you are going through, and fight to ensure you receive proper compensation for this all important part of your damages.

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