How to Write a Demand Letter for an Accident Settlement

An accident settlement letter is a way of requesting compensation from an insurance company for damages caused by an accident. If you need to write such a letter, you may be wondering where to begin. An accident can leave you feeling bewildered and out of control. The demand letter is your first step in regaining control and setting things right.

Gathering Evidence

You will need to keep documents relating to any injuries and to your accident for use in the negotiations process. Your insurance will likely require these documents before paying out a settlement. You should create a file that includes the following documents:

  • Assessment of any damages to your vehicle;
  • Medical Records and bills (past and anticipated future);
  • Accident report and affidavits of any witnesses;
  • Notes you make regarding conversations with other parties to the accident or your insurance;
  • Evidence of lost wages; and
  • Any other documentation regarding compensation you intend to seek.

Writing a Demand Letter

A demand letter should carry a respectful and serious tone of business. You should not exaggerate or use inflammatory language. It should lay out the facts clearly and concisely. Do not make threats in your demand letter. While the word demand might imply a certain kind of tone, in actuality, it is best to maintain a professional demeanor when discussing your settlement with your insurance. The tone you use can impact whether your insurance is friendly to your demands.

Make sure you are aware of your insurance policy limits. This will be your guide in making any compensation requests because your insurance company will not give you more than you are entitled under your policy. If you do not understand your insurance policy, then bring it to a consultation with an attorney to see what your insurance covers. The details of these documents can be confusing. Do not worry if you do not understand what it all means at first.

Getting Legal Advice

If you are uncertain of whether you have rights to compensation in your personal injury case, an attorney can help you by advising you of how the law will work in your case. An attorney can handle your insurance on your behalf if you do not wish to do so. If you have been injured by an accident, the last thing you need to worry about is how to handle your insurance. Let an attorney take care of your legal needs.

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