Compensatory Damages for Truck Accident Plaintiffs

The majority of truck accident cases do not end up tied up in the law process. If a case is serious and needs legal representation, it is important that the plaintiff talk to an attorney familiar with commercial truck accident cases. During a court of law, a plaintiff is aware of his rights to receive the proper compensation from the person at fault and delivers his argument confidently.

What are Compensatory Damages?

Compensatory damages are given to the plaintiff in the form of money in order to cover the cost of damage suffered. This form of payment is purposed to restore the plaintiff to the state he was at before the accident occurred. The amount of money the plaintiff is given is related to the market value. Specifically in car accident cases, the liable party is responsible to pay for compensatory damages.

Current and Future Medical Expenses

The liable party is also responsible to pay cover past and future medical bills. This extends to any medical attention received after the injury from the accident and any future visits, surgeries, or treatments needed. The total price of medical attention is given through the testimony of the plaintiff’s physician and other qualified health care providers.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

Past and future wage loss are defined by income that is affected by the injury, either past income or income that could have been earned if were not for the injury. An economist or an industry expert is generally hired to compute the income loss.

Physical and Psychological Pain

Under the compensatory umbrella lie past and future pains, whether psychological or physical. No one can determine the extent of pain in this case to testify for the plaintiff, but rather the severity of the accident is taken into consideration among other factors.

Punitive Damages in Cases of Malice or Wanton Negligence

According to California law, if the behavior of liable party at hand has been found to be deceitful, malicious, or despicable he or she may be forced to pay punitive damages to the plaintiff. This payment is a form of punishment for the defendant’s intolerable behavior. The payments are determined by the severity of the accident in light of character and actions. Drugs and alcohol are especially taken into account.

A Personal Injury Attorney can also be a valuable tool in receiving the correct amount of compensation for the incident.

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