Are Insurance Adjusters Crooked? Knowing Your Rights

Are insurance adjusters crooked is a question that many accident victims find themselves asking in the aftermath of a crash. Dealing with an insurance company may be one of the biggest challenges victims face in the days, weeks and months that follow a collision.

While personal insurance is meant to cover the policyholder in the event of tragedy, insurance companies tend to work very hard to pay out as little as possible. To understand whether or not adjusters are crooked, it helps if victims understand what it is these professionals are charged with doing on their employers’ behalf. It is also vital for claimants to understand their rights.

The Role of Adjusters

Are insurance adjusters crooked is best answered by taking a look at the role they play in automobile accidents. While adjusters are the people authorized to approve payments to claimants, their job also involves making sure claims are legitimate and that their company pays out the smallest amount possible. Even with proven, legitimate claims, adjusters are charged with saving their companies as much money as possible.

 To carry out their duties, insurance adjusters may:

  • Request additional documentation
  • Investigate claims for legitimacy
  • Request second opinions in regard to the severity of injuries and damage
  • Seek to limit the liability of the insurance company they work for by offering less than claimants feel they are entitled to

Ultimately, in the course of doing their job, adjusters may come across as crooked. While they may not be, accident victims do need to remember adjusters do not work for them; they work for the involved insurance company.

Claimants’ Rights

Claimants do have to supply insurance adjusters with the information requested and may need to submit to second opinions in regard to their medical conditions. They do not, however, have to accept an adjuster’s decision as the final word in their claim. Depending on the circumstances involved with the claim, they may be entitled to receiving payment up to, but not exceeding, the limits on the policy in question.

If disputes arise, policyholders have the right to:

  • • Move their claim request up to a supervisor or manager
  • Formally appeal decisions made in regard to their claims
  • Hire legal representation to help them negotiate a viable settlement or sue on their behalf

Hiring Legal Assistance

When an automobile accident occurs it is often best to seek out legal assistance. A reputable lawyer can help victims recover their damages, obtain compensation for pain and suffering and more. They can also take the pressures of dealing with insurance adjusters off clients’ shoulders.

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