My car was hit by a semi-truck. Is the trucker or the trucking company liable?


My car was hit by a semi-truck. Is the trucker or the trucking company liable?


The entities and individuals liable when there has been an18-wheeler crash resulting in severe personal injury can include several categories of possible defendants.  In general the possible litigation defendants are identified based on the facts of each specific case.  An accident involving a truck can arise due to negligent or reckless operation of vehicle, violations of State or Federal law concerning the conditions for the safe operation or maintenance of a truck, defective truck manufacturing or defective truck parts or maintenance practices, and even defective State or Interstate roadway maintenance. 

Liabilty Categories

Each of the following individuals and/or entities could be liable under the following conditons in an 18-wheeler truck accident resulting in personal injury:

  • Truck Driver - Negligent or reckless operation of a motor vehicle resulting in personal injury and violation of statutory rules concerning the safe operation of a motor vehicle
  • Truck Driver’s Employer - Negligent hiring of driver employees, negligent failure to maintain the truck, negligent failure to provide a safe work environment for employees
  • Truck Manufacturer - Defective product design and/or manufacturer producing a dangerous product placed into the stream of commerce resulting in an accident causing severe personal injury and property damage
  • Truck Parts and Maintenance Provider - Negligent failure to maintain and service a vehicle in a safe condition for its usual and expected use in commerce and negligent failure to repair the vehicle with safe and defect free parts
  • The State or Town Roadway Maintenance Providers - Negligent failure to maintain the roadways in a safe condition for those using the public roadways

Getting Legal Help

An accident involving an automobile and an 18-wheeler truck is almost always going to involve severe property damage and personal injury.  Any liability concerning the circumstances of the accident will need to be determined by the elements that resulted in the incident. A lawyer can review the facts and make an evaluation of any possible liability concerning all those involved in the incident.