Should I sign a release of claim for an auto accident?


Should I sign a release of claim for an auto accident?


Each day Americans get into their vehicle headed for their place of employment. Along the way they often stop to drop off the kids at school or daycare. Dealing with small children in the car can be a huge distraction that can result in the driver being involved in an auto accident. Determining which party caused the collision is the key component of any personal injury case. Never admit fault and seek medical treatment if you have been injured.

Always Seek Medical Treatment

Just a few days after the accident many individuals start to experience soreness or pain. All accident victims should be thoroughly examined by a doctor, regardless of how minor their symptoms might be. There could be internal injuries that they are not aware of. Continue all medical treatment until the doctor has given you a clean bill of health.

When to Sign a Release of Liability

Once you sign a release of liability in an auto accident case, this means you can never pursue further legal action against the party responsible. Injuries that may not appear serious could require medical treatment in the future. Many insurance companies require claimants to sign a release, holding them harmless from any future claims for compensation. This is generally done once both parties have agreed upon a settlement.

Get Legal Advice Before Signing Away Your Rights

You should never sign away your rights to be fully compensated for your losses until an attorney has looked over your claim. Insurance adjusters who are eager to settle often pressure victims who may still be suffering emotionally or physically from the accident. Before making any big decisions that could impact your life in the future, contact a personal injury lawyer for advice.