Slip and Fall Settlement

A slip and fall settlement constitutes personal injury settlement and is one type of fall accident.  In the right circumstances, a slip and fall accident should be reported when the incident takes place.  How it happened, what led to the accident, a record of any witnesses present, accounts of the incident by any witnesses, environmental factors, and the causal conditions along with other relevant information should be noted.  To validate as a slip and fall accident a report is usually generated, as store, business, or building policy.  An accident report is not mandated by law.  Slip and falls accidents are more common than most people realize.  According to a 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on slip and fall injuries, slips and falls occur at a rate of fifty-six episodes per one thousand persons in the United States. (See also Pain and suffering for a slip and fall injury).

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There are four main types of fall accidents:

  • Slip and fall accident - where the meeting of the foot and floor fails to support the walker.
  • Trip and fall accidents - when an object is in the path of the walker.
  • Stump and fall accidents - when there is an obstruction in the walking area.
  • Step and fall accidents – when there is loose foundation or a hole in the walking area.

To pursue a slip and fall settlement the victim should record as many facts about the incident as possible.  If the business or property owner did not file a report or if there were no other witnesses to the incident, you should create a record of what happened on your own and include as many details as possible. 

Vital information you should record includes:

  • A comprehensive description of the circumstances that led to the accident
  • Make any notes as to the placement of obstacles, obstructions, or hazards  
  • List of anyone who was present and their contact information
  • Any comments or observations made by witnesses

Business owners and property owners have a responsibility to make sure their properties are safe and free of potential hazards.  They also have a responsibility to anticipate potentially hazardous areas and maintain their properties free of risks and dangers to the best of their abilities.

Do you need an attorney to pursue a slip and fall settlement for you? Contact an attorney to handle your slip and fall settlement today!


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